A reimagined book cover for the fictional novel Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee by Meera Syal. It tells the story of three childhood friends, Chila, Sunita, and Tania. It's a hilarious, thoughtful, and moving novel about friendship, marriage, and betrayal

I was inspired by the main characters and their Indian culture which is prominent in the novel. The three pairs of eyes represent the three protagonists and the two red Bindi symbolize the marital status of two of them who are married
The book cover is inspired by the rich visual culture of Indian matchbox art, echoing one of the main themes in the novel; the fleeting, yet immense, beauty found in the everyday life and its elements.

The spine resembles the match-striking paper commonly found on matchboxes. The flame on the backside represents two events that involved fire; an Indian wedding at the beginning and an incident that resurrects the life-long friendship at the end of the novel.
The cover includes an AR interactive experience. There is a printed message on the back that reads "Download the AR app through the Apple Store for iOS or the Play Store for Android. Scan the images on the front cover to experience the augmented designs through your own device!
All printed promotional posters have a QR code that encourages pedestrians to scan and read the first chapter of the novel for free. This will encourage the bookworms (aka target audience) to purchase the novel 
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