Hi, my name is Eman. 
I'm a multi-passionate storyteller, designer, and maker who was born and raised in downtown Cairo. I studied studio arts in LA and graphic design between NYC and Hertfordshire.
I live between Cairo and Istanbul.
I'm good at creating brand identities, custom content, and vibrant experiences that bridge genuine brands with their communities. I savor and specialize in branding for small businesses & packaging design. 
My current curiosities include design history, graphic novels, bilingual typography, and cross-cultural visual communication in general.
When I’m not at my laptop, I'm usually on my bicycle, on the yoga mat, sunbathing, hugging my plants, or rolling 'em candles at my chandlery Urban Bees.
I’m open to freelance gigs and/or fun collaborations. 
If an idea is brewing, let's kick it off! Shoot me an email at hello@emanmakes.com or fill out this form 
To download my full CV, click here
Also, in case you need a face to the name, here is a picture of me with my fostered baby, Basbousa >>