Salam, my name is Eman. I'm a graphic designer and a visual artist who was born and raised in downtown Cairo, studied studio arts in LA and graphic design in NYC.
I currently live in Cairo and work as a Graphic and Experience designer at KAIRO.
My approach to creativity is mostly fueled by sheer curiosity. I enjoy using the creative process to explore ideas and bring them to manifestation; whether in digital or material forms. In graphic design, my vocation, I love the challenge of solving problems. I see every brief as an opportunity to create solutions in a fresh, unique and engaging way. In my art, my playground, the curious little monkey inside me is always questioning and seeking answers. I utilize multiple mediums to explore areas of personal interest and converse with all aspects of myself and surroundings.
When I’m not designing or making art I'm most probably binging anime, skateboarding or trying new food around the city.
I’m always seeking opportunities to 1)freelance and/or 2)collaborate.
Let's work together. Shoot me an email at
Also, if you want to know more about me, check this interview out!

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