Student Brief: Design the packaging for a spice company that is geared towards fortune-tellers.

Deliverables: brand concept, brand story, brand visual language, packaging.

Approach: Informed by both, personal experience and research, I decided to build my brand story around the idea of legacies and story-telling. Fortune-tellers, at the end of the day, are one of the best and most ancient story-tellers. The main focus behind this project was to explore how branding can be used to communicate a family legend. I came up with the story of a fortune-telling gypsy named Zahhra (meaning 'flower' in Arabic and 'bright' or 'radiant' in Urdu). The legend states that Zahhra grew up in modern day India where she befriended the spirits of the Earth and River who taught her how to use herbs and spices to heal ailments and diseases. Zahhra was able to use this knowledge to keep her family healthy and those secrets were passed down from generation to the next within her family. Decades later, her descendants decided to open up a spice shop to share Zahhra's legacy with the world. The simple illustrations are inspired by the visual language of modern indie tarot cards.
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