Four is a magical number. Beyond three, we enter the realm of manifestation. The number four is considered the firstborn thing due to procreation, two twos. Four is also the basis of the three-dimensional space. The simple solid known as the tetrahedron of 'four faces' is made of four triangles, or four points or spheres, and is as fundamental to the structure of. three-dimensional space as the triangle is to the plane. Four is also associated with the material modes of manifestation (the four elements); Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. Also, all everyday matter is appropriately made of just four particles: protons, neutrons, electrons, and neutrinos. There are four cardinal directions, or cardinal points; North, East, South, and West. Moreover, in ancient Egyptian religion, there are The 4 Sons of Horus: Qebehsenuef (hawk head), Hapi (baboon head), Duamutef (jackal head), and Imsety (man-headed). They were funerary divinities and traditionally the guardians of the deceased's internal organs. Each was associated with a particular organ and also with a different cardinal point on the compass. Qebehsenuef (intestines, west), Hapi (lungs, north), Duamutef (stomach, east), and Imsety (liver, south).

The Arabic calligraphy on both prints is a verse from the Qur'an. My favorite translation I found was Sahih International's: "My mercy encompasses all things." (7: 156). God speaks in the first person about his mercy and it being unconditionally encompassing and eternal. I added it as a reminder for myself that even within all this theory, facts, and contemplations about the significance of numbers, mercy still remains something that is so so vast to enclose all this. 
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