Brief: Choose a company that has an image problem and create an event campaign that aims to fix the problem. Furthermore, create assets for this event.
Deliverables: identifying the problem, a solution/concept, campaign branding, campaign giveaways and social profile assets.
Approach: With distrust and a lack of safety being a genuine fear for a lot of UBER passengers, FAST FRIENDS was created to allow passengers and drivers to develop a friendship within the time constraint of a typical UBER ride in New York. It is a simple get-to-know-me game added to the main UBER app as a promotional feature. Once you get into the vehicle, you choose this feature and you get 10 questions about your driver. If all the questions are answered correctly within the time of the ride, UBER pays for the passenger's trip! The core objective is to get drivers to know passengers and passengers to trust drivers while using gamification to make the actual trip more fun for the rider and feel less like a task for the driver.

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